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I am so excited and happy to annouce that we will be performing my play "Whole In The Head" at UBåden - BådTeatret 13-20 June 2019. Tickets are available here.




What do you do when you can´t remember what the porcelainchair in the bathroom is called? Is there still romance when the man you fell in love with is nothing more than one endlessly looping here-and-now?


“Whole in the Head” brings memory to life on-stage, embodying the mental building blocks that make us who we are. Julia and Hugh are a couple in love. Hugh is older and has been married before, giving his adult son Daniel some meaty bones to pick at about the shifting family. While Julia is a devoted young woman who has found the love of her life. And then Hugh gets a diagnosis. Built upon an interpretation of Alzheimer’s inner workings the play captures the moment where a whole life can slip through one’s hands. How do we stay true, how do we even find reality, when the choices one makes can be rewritten every second?



It was a pleasure playing Christine in That Theatre Company´s production of After Miss Julie. If you didn´t get a chance to see the show you can always read some of the reviews below.


Copenhagen Post -  ***** Det Hander - **** CPHCulture - **** KulturKupeen - *****

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